Computer Accessories

Complete your workstation with Humanscale's Computer Accessories. Our exceptional solutions round out a comprehensive work environment to boost efficiency, reduce fatigue, and promote comfort.

Switch Mouse

The revolutionary mousing solution that brings unprecedented ergonomics to computer users.

Flat Panel Standard Filter

This easy-to-install solution reduces glare and provides protection for the eyes.

Flat Panel Privacy Filter

This solution reduces glare, protects the eyes, and provides privacy for viewing sensitive on-screen information.

Copy Holders

Keep your work directly in front of you, eliminating the need for repetitive lateral head movement.

Tech Tray

Organize and optimize your workspace by getting technology off your desk

Ergo Info

Old or dusty monitors can increase visual stress. Be sure your monitor is dust-free and working properly.

HOW to buy

There are a variety of ways to purchase any of Humanscale's award-winning ergonomic products.
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