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White Paper: 'The Benefits of Ergonomic Mobile Technology Carts in Healthcare Settings' (New)


White Paper: 'Ergonomics Supporting Healthcare-Specific Technology'


Research Summary: 'Adjustable Technology Wall Stations and the Caregiving Experience'


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Other Products at HIMSS

V6 ViewPoint Technology Wall Station
Accommodating caregivers in sitting and standing positions, the versatile V6 technology wall station facilitates patient-caregiver interactions with its flexible arms.

Solo Adjustable Arm
An accessory of the V6, the Solo arm supports a monitor and a keyboard tray on a single arm, which gives caregivers one-step adjustability to effortlessly maneuver the arm and ergonomically accommodate their bodies.

V7 ViewPoint Technology Wall Station
Supporting the vast majority of users in sitting and standing positions, the V7 technology wall station provides 51 inches of independent monitor and keyboard height adjustment for a convenient, ergonomic healthcare IT solution.

Pony Saddle
To better serve caregivers in the seated position, the Pony Saddle seat offers ergonomic comfort, putting the user's spine in a healthy lordotic curve.



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